The Meeting of Semanticists Active in Canada
Post-CLA semantics workshop

June 1, 2010, McGill University

Ball Room, Thomson House (David Thomson Post-Graduate Centre)
3650 McTavish Street, Montréal

Click here for the program/abstracts in PDF

8:30  Registration and coffee/muffins

Session 1 (chair: Keir Moulton, McGill University)
9:00-10:00  Invited talk
Epistemic Modals: Embedded, Modified, and Plain
Angelika Kratzer (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

10:00-10:30  Imperfective Values
Ana Arregui and Maria Luisa Rivero (University of Ottawa)

10:30-10:50  Break

Session 2 (chair: Walter Pedersen, McGill University)
10:50-11:20  A Note on Ignorance Inferences
Raj Singh (Carleton University)

11:20-11:50  Variable Binding, Reconstruction and Attitudes
Keir Moulton (McGill University)

11:50-12:20  Numerals and Number Marking in English, Turkish and Armenian
Alan Bale (Concordia University), Hrayr Khanjian (MIT) and Michaël Gagnon (University of Maryland)

12:20-1:50  Lunch at Thomson House
for those who are registered online

Session 3 (chair: Masako Hirotani, Carleton University)
1:50-2:50  Invited talk
Distinguishing Contrastive, New and Given Information
(joint work with Angelika Kratzer)
Elisabeth Selkirk (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

2:50-3:20  The Semantic Function of Rising Wh-Questions
Nancy Hedberg and Morgan Mameni (Simon Fraser University)

3:20-3:40 Break

Session  4 (chair: David-Étienne Bouchard, McGill University)
3:40-4:10  Blackfoot ikak-: A Case Study in ‘Only’ and ‘Even’
Heather Bliss (University of British Columbia)

4:10-4:40  Focus Sensitivity in Nlhe7kepmxcin (Thompson Salish)
Karsten Koch (ZAS, Berlin) and Malte Zimmermann (Universität Potsdam)

4:40-5:10  Conjectural Questions and the Wonder Effect
Patrick Littell (University of British Columbia)

5:30-7:00     Dinner arrangements for interested people
Please register  here by Thursday, May 27.
Please pay at the registration table: $35 (students: $25)
(tax/service included, beverage not included)


4 responses to “Program

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  2. John Lumsden

    Should it not be “The meeting of FORMAL semanticists active in Canada”?

    • There is no restriction to a particular kind of semantics. All abstracts were reviewed by 2-3 reviewers from a variety of backgrounds who rated and gave feedback on the submissions. A lot of people including the organizing committee have put a lot of time and work into evaluating which abstracts were strongest in order to do this in a fair way.

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