Mosaic 2 has been made possible by the following grants. We are grateful to the granting agencies for their support.

  • PGSS-GPS Grants Programme, McGill University (Grant ID 09-10–56)
  • FQRSC 2010-SE-130906 to Lisa Travis (PI)
  • FQRSC 2008-NP-121129 to Junko Shimoyama
  • FQRSC 2010-NP-132516 to Michael Wagner
  • SSHRC CRC 212482 to Michael Wagner

We also thank our reviewers for their high-quality reviews!

Ana Arregui
Ash Asudeh
Alan Bale
Veena Dwivedi
Brendan Gillon
Chung-hye Han
Nancy Hedberg
Michela Ippolito
Lisa Matthewson
Keir Moulton
Hotze Rullmann
Andrés Pablo Salanova
Bernhard Schwarz
Junko Shimoyama
Michael Wagner
Andrea Wilhelm

Many thanks also to Jonathan Abramsohn (McGill), Mako Hirotani (Carleton) and Keir Moulton (McGill) for thier invaluable on-site help.